Printable Surface

Optodisc offers a variety of top quality printable surfaces for both inkjet and thermal printers across our entire line of optical disc recordable media.
The OptoDisc media with printable surface works with all known disc printers and the printable surface allows for exceptional printed images and text.

  • Preal White
      Pearl White
  • Shiny Silver Top
      Shiny Silver Top
  • White Inkjet
         White Inkjet
  • Silver Inkjet
      Silver Inkjet
  • White Thermal
      White Thermal
  • Silver Matte
        Silver Matte
  • OptoDisc Logo top
    OptoDisc Logo top
  • Liquid Defense
         Liquid Defense
Pearl White:
  • Burns Reliably and Consistently
  • No Burn In “Donut” Rings
Silver Lacquer:
  • 1. Silver Lacquer/Shiny Silver
  • 2. Silver Matte/Silver Therma
Inkjet Printable:
  • 1. Standard White Inkjet – White with a matte texture, to the center ring or HUB printable
  • 2. Silver Inkjet – Silver with a matte texture, to the center ring or HUB printable
  • 3. Glossy – White with a (non-water resistant) Glossy appearance, HUB printable
Thermal Printable
     (2 versions):
  • 1. Top tier compatible with:
         A.Rimage Everest 400/600
         B.Rimage Everest II/III
         C.TEAC P-55 (using the Versamax, Black, and/or Photo ribbons)
  • 2. Standard grade, suitable for:
         A. Rimage Prism Plus & other monochrome thermal printers
Customization: We can work to tweak or create a surface type that meets the customer’s expectations
Liquid Defense Plus (LDP): White, Glossy, Water and Scratch resistant
Liquid Defense Plus
  • Liquid Defense Plus (LDP) is a special glossy, water and scratch resistant inkjet printable disc surface, available in a whole
    range of recordable CD's, DVD's and Blu-ray discs.


  • ★LDP works on all known optical disc inkjet printers, esp. the Epson PP100
  • ★ LDP provides a very vibrant color with a high gloss finish.
  • ★ LDP’s glossy finish is exceptionally water and scratch resistant, to prevent the color from bleeding or fading.
  • -- Regular inkjet printable discs will bleed or smear when wet, is easy to scratch, and has a muted matte finish when printed.
  • ★LDP is applied to the discs through a spin coating method during the disc manufacturing process.
  • -- LDP is not a sticker or label that is applied after the fact like other less reliable water resistant inkjet printable discs.

Liquid Defense Plus