Optodisc DVD's are made to offer exceptional quality and consistency for reliable duplication time after time

The manufacturing process for optical discs, especially recordable DVD’s, is fairly standard. You start by designing and creating the stamper. Then create the substrate through injection molding and spin coating to create the recording layer of organic dye. Next perform the sputtering for the reflective layer and another spin coating for the protective layer. Finally, you bond the disc together with a dummy substrate of polycarbonate. Sounds simple enough, so what makes the Optodisc DVD’s better than other comparable recordable DVD's?
The answer is simple, when Optodisc media are being produced, there is great attention paid to every aspect in the manufacturing process. Starting with the stamper, Optodisc makes sure that the stamper is designed expertly and that the substrate, reflective layer, and sputtering are all applied with the goal of making a better disc rather than cutting corners to save a little on the overall cost. Optodisc DVD’s are created in a method that ensures stable consistent quality and reliability for years.
If you want to save money and not give up quality, then Optodisc is the best option for you. Contact Vinpower Digital or a Vinpower representative for more details about the full line of Optodisc media.



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OptoDisc branded media


Optodisc has been in the market since the early 2000’s, coinciding with the inception of recordable DVD media. Because of its longevity in the market, the Optodisc MID code is recognized by virtually all optical disc recorder drives from the early 2000’s, continuing through today. When Optodisc became insolvent, Vinpower acquired Optodisc’s trademark, disc formulas, IP’s, and MID code, which it would use to launch a new generation of Optodisc media. Vinpower has long been known as the leader in duplication hardware, so the inclusion of the Optodisc CD, DVD, and Blu-ray media is a natural extension of the line.
With Optodisc’s technology and legacy MID code, Vinpower has created a better line of recordable media for the duplication market.