Every month, new users are converting to the OptoDisc line of media, and they’ve been thrilled by the results!

Vinpower introduced its line of OptoDisc recordable media over a year ago and it has been an amazingly successful venture. The main reason is the media simply and consistently performed and users have been very happy with the results. As our C.E.O., Calvin Chang, proclaimed, “When people use OptoDisc media in their duplicators and/or disc printers, the media burns and prints successfully time and time again. When they use the recorded OptoDisc media in their players, it plays consistently. Basically, the media performs the way it’s supposed to and each batch works exactly the same as the previous batch and the batch before that.” Vinpower has been adamant about maintaining both the media quality and the consistency across all manufactured lots. So if you’re happy with the performance, you’ll continue to be happy as the media will continue to work in the same manner every time you buy it. OptoDisc is not a brand itself, but a manufactured media that is the basis for a number of popular brands currently on the market. To find out if your media is OptoDisc manufactured, look for the OptoDisc MID or contact a Vinpower representative to learn which brands are made from OptoDisc. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try OptoDisc media for yourself, contact a Vinpower representative today to see how much OptoDisc can save you.


Product of the Week
PlexDisc 16x 4.7GB Liquid Defense Plus Glossy White Inkjet Hub Printable DVD-R 50 Packs Disc
Liquid Defense Plus is a special water and scratch resistant inkjet printable coating applied to a whole range of recordable CD's, DVD's and Blu-ray discs. It works on all known optical disc inkjet printers and gives the printed disc a very vibrant color with a high gloss finish. The Liquid Defense Plus disc is water resistant, scratch resistant and resists fading, whereas regular inkjet printable discs will bleed or smear when wet, easy to scratch and has a muted matte finish when printed. The Liquid Defense Plus application is an actual coating that is applied during the media manufacturing process. It is not a sticker or label that is applied after the fact like other less reliable inkjet printable discs, which claim to be water resistant and glossy.