All versions of OPTODISC DVD-R and DVD+R media come standard with a metalized hub.

When you’re creating content that you intend to burn onto DVD media, you want that disc to look uniform from the center hub to the extreme outside edge. Some media will save a few fractions of a penny and leave the center hub, the location that does not hold any data, clear plastic. That makes the disc look less uniform, especially when there’s a white flood or printing over the top of the disc. Vinpower feels that uniformity and appearance are important for a final presentation, so we always make our DVD-R and DVD+R media with a metallic hub for a full uniform look. So when you print on an OptoDisc DVD, it will maintain the depth and color clarity from edge to edge, giving you a more attractive and professional looking disc. So if you care about quality and the appearance of your optical media, especially DVD-R and DVD+R discs, then finding an OptoDisc manufactured media is the best solution for you. For more details about OptoDisc DVD’s or any of Vinpower’s duplication hardware or media, visit our website,, or contact a Vinpower representative today.


Product of the Week
PlexDisc 16x 4.7GB Liquid Defense Plus Glossy White Inkjet Hub Printable DVD-R 50 Packs Disc
Liquid Defense Plus is a special water and scratch resistant inkjet printable coating applied to a whole range of recordable CD's, DVD's and Blu-ray discs. It works on all known optical disc inkjet printers and gives the printed disc a very vibrant color with a high gloss finish. The Liquid Defense Plus disc is water resistant, scratch resistant and resists fading, whereas regular inkjet printable discs will bleed or smear when wet, easy to scratch and has a muted matte finish when printed. The Liquid Defense Plus application is an actual coating that is applied during the media manufacturing process. It is not a sticker or label that is applied after the fact like other less reliable inkjet printable discs, which claim to be water resistant and glossy.