The OptoDisc line of DVD+R DL officially supports burning up to 8.7GB data

Because double layer media, like the DVD+R DL find it difficult to accurately burn to the outer edge, most media manufacturers limit the burn capacity to 8.5GB instead of the true capacity of 8.7GB. However, many who use DVD+R DL discs often find that the content they intend to copy is often just slightly larger than 8.5GB’s. This will typically make the duplication process fail and leave the user without an option on how to copy the content due to its slightly larger size. That is why Vinpower developed its line of OptoDisc DVD+R DL media, that with the right duplication equipment, such as Vinpower’s line of DVD PLUS series of SharkCopier, TITAN, Aero, Cronus, amongst others, that slightly larger content can be copied successfully each and every time. The OptoDisc DVD+R DL allows the user to push past the listed 8.5GB media capacity limitation up to a more than adequate 8.7GB. Even though 200MB may not seem like a significant difference, for those that have a project they need to copy that is even just 5MB larger than 8.5GB, it makes all the difference in the world. For more details on any of the products that Vinpower carries, please visit our website at or speak with an official Vinpower representative near you


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Optical Quantum 8x 8.5GB White Inkjet Hub Printable DVD+R DL 50 Packs Disc 
DVD+R Double Layer nearly doubles the storage capacity of a standard DVD with two recording layers on a single-sided disc. With the added capacity, DVD+R DL media is the preferred DVD media for video and gaming developers. In fact most Hollywood movies and Video Games for consoles like X-Box are developed on 8.5GB Double Layer discs, whereby the Optical Quantum DVD+R DL discs are often used by professionals in these fields when making copies for internal use. Optical Quantum's DVD+R DL discs provide exceptional performance, reliability, and compatibility. Certified and supported by the industries high speed Double Layer writers, Optical Quantum discs are approved for high speed burning up to 8X speeds with a storage capacity of 8.5GBs.