Vinpower is making its exclusive line of Blue Magic branded media available to the public

Blue Magic was created as an exclusive brand for a select territory, but that exclusivity has now expired and now we are making it widely available to the expanded market. Blue Magic is manufactured in Taiwan under the strict QC standards of Vinpower’s Media Control Division. Blue Magic was developed for the professional duplication market which requires constant duplication with non-stop production. We created Blue Magic to meet the rigors of the duplication market with minimal to no failure rate, yet maintain a high quality compatibility and playback capability.
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Product of the Week


OptoDisc is not a brand, but instead it’s the technology and method behind many popular brands of recordable optical disc media currently on the market. OptoDisc media are manufactured under a strict quality control process to ensure that each batch of discs offer the highest quality and reliability, but also consistency between every batch. This ensures that every shipment of OptoDisc manufactured recordable media will give the same performance and burning quality as previous orders. The best way to identify if your discs are produced under the Optodisc manufacturer lines is to view the bottom of the disc and look for the “OPTODISC” name embedded just above the inner hub. If your media doesn’t have the visible “OPTODISC” marking on the recording side of the disc, then your discs was not manufactured by OptoDisc and cannot be assured the same top quality and reliability OptoDisc provides.