Vinpower offers Blu-ray Copy protection that does not require any fees or added costs

Last week you may recall that Vinpower introduced its line of Blu-ray Copy Protection duplicators that added a strong security of protection against copying or ripping Blu-ray content protected by the BCP. With those units, they do require a dongle with licenses for the BCP protection to be embedded onto the duplicated discs. What if wanted to reduce your costs and you don’t need as strong of copy protection, but still want some protection as a good deterrent against the majority of people from copying or ripping the content from your Blu-ray projects? That’s why Vinpower created the EZ BD Copy Protection!


Using our specialized Blu-ray duplicators with the EZ Copy Protection enabled, as long as you use any brand of OptoDisc Blu-ray media, the system will be able to embed the EZ BD Copy Protection without requiring a dongle or any special licenses or fees. So you can create as many copy protected discs as you’d like without any added costs. The only requirements are that you use a Vinpower Blu-ray duplicator with the EZ BD Copy Protection feature enabled with the excellent quality low cost OptoDisc produced BD media. If you’re not paying extra for the EZ BD Copy Protection and you’re making Blu-ray duplications anyway, there’s no reason not to add the protection. There are no issues in playback with any BD player that accepts BD-R media, so your customers will be able to play your BD content without concerns.


For more details about this or any of Vinpower Digital’s product line, visit our website at or contact a Vinpower representative near you.



Product of the Week
SharkBluCP™ Blu-ray/DVD/CD Tower Duplicator
(Supports BD CopyProtection)

The SharkBluCP is the first of its kind standalone optical Blu-ray, BDXL, CD, and DVD duplicator that allows the user to embed copy protection on Blu-ray discs. The SharkCopier is not only the most advanced duplicator on the market, but is extremely simple to use. Now with the ability to add a copy protection onto Blu-ray discs, it adds a level of security to your burned content. With the ability to copy all CD configurations, all DVD configurations including Dual/Double Layer discs, and Blu-ray discs with BDXL formats, the SharkBluCP is the perfect solution for your duplication needs. The easy to operate control panel offers many advanced features such as; AutoCopy, Load and Copy, Account Management, Hard Drive Partition Naming, and much much more. Beyond the attractive look of this powerful duplicator, the aluminum casing provides the highest protection against heat and dust, two of the most dangerous elements for a duplicator. This allows the unit to provide optimal performance for an extended period of time.