OptoDiscs special thermal printable coating and enhanced packaging prevents thermal discs from sticking together so they don’t stop your production.

When operating a thermal printer publishing system, an automated system that copies and thermal prints onto discs, the key is that it can function independently until the job is completed. Even though the hardware is functioning properly, if the media used in the system is sticky, it could kill the entire job, not to mention the potential damage it could do to the drives and the print head because multiple discs stuck together were loaded into the device.
Due to the nature of the thermal printable coating, which is designed to withstand thermal transfer ribbons that is heated and adhered to the disc, the top coating can become sticky due to compression or humidity. When the discs stick together, if the operator doesn’t manually separate them properly, they will cause the system to fail and could become a costly and time consuming headache.
To prevent these issues, OptoDisc developed a special formula for their thermal coating that will allow the discs to have a smoother, less sticky nature, yet still provide an exceptional print quality. Through the proprietary thermal printable surface and the adaptive packaging, the OptoDisc thermal printable media is the best solution to prevent sticky media and make sure your production doesn’t get stuck!


Product of the Week

PlexDisc 16x 4.7GB White Thermal Hub Printable DVD-R 100 Packs Disc

PlexDisc recordable DVD media is made in Taiwan for superior quality and performance. They are perfect for recording movies, files, games, and more. The PlexDisc recordable DVD media is affordable and works in a wider array of duplication and recording devices compared to cheaper, less reliable media options. PlexDisc offers a superior white thermal hub printable coating that provides exceptional print quality across all thermal printers on the market. With its unique composition & packaging, it also greatly reduces the possibility the media will adhere to itself. You can be assured your production will not stop & the output will be ideal.