VP Recorder is a NEW copy protection software for your computer!

Vinpower is developing a new software called VP Recorder, that will allow users to embed copy protection directly onto individual DVD or Blu-ray discs burned through their computer. Until now, Vinpower only created duplication hardware, manual towers, autoloaders, and publishing systems that offered the copy protection feature. That’s great when you have a large volume of discs that you need to produce, but what if you only have a few or even just one? That is why Vinpower is developing the VP Recorder Software, so that those with small volumes, or no access to a duplicator, can take advantage of Vinpower’s exclusive DVD and Blu-ray disc copy protection.
What’s the point you may ask? As I wrote in last week’s email blast, what if you had content you didn’t intend to be released or copied for disbursement without compensation? How would you feel if your project that you worked so hard on was leaked for free, making it impossible to monetize your efforts? What if someone made copies of your private video content and chose to release the content to friends and family or to the general public at large, what recourse would you have? There are so many reasons why protecting your DVD and Blu-ray video content is a wise decision, and now with the VP Recorder Software from Vinpower, it will be both easy and very cost effective to do so.Be on the lookout for VP Recorder Software coming soon.


Product of the Week

OPTODISC Blank Media

OptoDisc is not a brand, but instead it’s the technology and method behind many popular brands of recordable optical disc media currently on the market. OptoDisc media are manufactured under a strict quality control process to ensure that each batch of discs offer the highest quality and reliability, but also consistency between every batch. This ensures that every shipment of OptoDisc manufactured recordable media will give the same performance and burning quality as previous orders. The best way to identify if your discs are produced under the Optodisc manufacturer lines is to view the bottom of the disc and look for the "OPTODISC" name embedded just above the inner hub. If your media doesn’t have the visible “OPTODISC” marking on the recording side of the disc, then your discs was not manufactured by OptoDisc and cannot be assured the same top quality and reliability OptoDisc provides.