Vinpower offers FREE 4K UHD & standard Blu-ray Copy protection using OPTODISC BD-R media

Vinpower’s line of Blu-ray Copy Protection (BCP) duplicators adds a strong level of protection against copying or ripping both 4K UHD and standard Blu-ray video content protected by the BCP. However, those units do require a dongle with stored licenses for the BCP protection to be embedded onto the duplicated discs. What if you wanted to reduce your costs and you require a copy protection as secure as the BCP, but still want to add protection as a good deterrent against a majority of people from copying or ripping the content from your 4K UHD and standard Blu-ray video content? That’s why Vinpower created the EZ BD Copy Protection!
Using our specialized Blu-ray duplicators with the EZ Copy Protection enabled, as long as you use any brand of OPTODISC 25GB Blu-ray media, the system will be able to embed the EZ BD Copy Protection without requiring a dongle or any special licenses or fees. So you can create as many copy protected discs as you’d like without any added costs. The only requirements are that you use a Vinpower Blu-ray duplicator with the EZ BD Copy Protection feature enabled along with OPTODISC produced BD media. If you’re not paying extra for the EZ BD Copy Protection and you’re making Blu-ray duplications anyway, there’s no reason not to add the protection. There are no issues in playback with any UHD or BD player that accepts BD-R media, so your customers will be able to play your BD content without concerns.