Vinpower’s Cronus offers easy solution to back up surveillance video content before it’s permanently deleted

With surveillance camera becoming smaller, cheaper, and higher resolution, they are becoming a staple in businesses both large and small. Price is no longer a barrier to entry for owning and installing surveillance cameras that blanket all vulnerable areas of a business. Be it a high security government installation or a small mom and pop corner store, they can both feel secure with knowing there are cameras recording what happens. The key then becomes how long can those cameras record content before they run out of space and begin recording over itself, potentially losing valuable footage forever.
With Vinpower’s Cronus publishing systems, you never have to lose a second of content. The Cronus can be set up to automatically back-up all your video surveillance onto optical discs through a network server. There are multiple configurations on how you can set up the back-up procedures, which you can then also label each disc with a time stamp or the dates of footage automatically with minimal interaction by the operator. The Cronus can run 24/7 and catalog all the footage for as long as the user wants to keep it.
Plus, because optical discs are the safest method of archival storage, you never have to worry about the content being accidentally deleted or altered in anyway. You will be able to maintain all the content you want for as long as you need. The bonus being that optical discs are also the cheapest method of storage, typically just pocket change, with disc capacities ranging from 700MB to over 100GB.
If you want the security to maintain your video surveillance and prevent losing critical content from cannibalizing itself, the Cronus is your best option.