Optical Disc Manufacturers saw huge spikes in stock prices as a result of last weeks massive global outages for key social media sites.

Last week, there was an unexplained outage for major social media outlets, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others, due to what was called a ‘server configuration change’. Whatever the root cause was, the fact remains that millions of users from those sites were locked out and could not access their personal information, including pictures, videos, and other personal details. This sent a shockwave of concern about the safety of content on servers and caused a rush of investors to purchase shares in companies that focus on the manufacture of optical discs.
Why would problems with cloud-based networks and the servers that support them cause a rise in the demand for an older technology like optical discs? The reason is simple, cold storage! Cold storage is taking content offline and storing it on a safe back-up solution which can easily be accessed to restore any lost data quickly. The best and most secure method of cold storage are optical discs. That’s because optical discs are laser inscribed (burned) data into a physical write once disc, that once written to is impervious to having its content deleted, altered, or disrupted through cyber-attacks. Plus, optical discs can retain data for many many years, some archival versions promise up to 1,000 years. That means that not only are optical discs impervious to being disrupted from outside forces, but they will also hold that data securely for a long time without using any electricity or other power source, making them more cost efficient as well. Since optical discs are still used for digital storage, all content on the discs can be located and uploaded quickly and easily.
Once the public saw the potential pitfalls in the servers supporting the gigantic cloud-based networks, which I have been touting for years, they realized there needs to be a more secure back up solution. This prompted investors to purchase stocks of companies producing just such a product in record numbers. That’s why Vinpower continues to not only continue focusing on optical discs, but also work diligently to make improvements and ensure that our Optodisc line offers the best quality, most reliable, and cost effective discs on the market.