Vinpower Digital now offers its one of a kind TrueAudio CD audio copy and compare feature through its line of nearly unlimited Daisy Chain duplication hardware.

Vinpower expanded their offering of its revolutionary one of a kind series of TrueAudio CD audio Copy and Compare capable duplication, by infinity. Well, maybe not infinity, but certainly by exponential growth by implementing this feature into our line of connectable daisy chain duplicators. When using Vinpower’s Daisy Chain duplicator controller with specified TrueAudio capability and with Vinpower’s line of modified TrueAudio capable drives. Whether the systems are preassembled or bought as components, the user can connect many towers together to make a single super capacity CD audio duplication hub. In doing so, the user will be able to accurately do a copy + compare for CD-R with audio recordings that were not recognized until Vinpower introduced it.
The problem with CD duplication towers were there was no way to perform a proper compare after the content was duplicated onto recordable CD-R discs. That’s because CD-R’s had no Error-correcting code (ECC) built into the design and there was no way to perform an accurate parity check through the duplicators. Which meant there was no way to make an exact 100% recreation of CD audio content. That was true until now. Vinpower created their exclusive line of TrueAudio duplication equipment that can perform the 1st ever True Copy and Compare feature for audio CD-R’s. This option will allow operators performing audio CD duplication the assurance that the copied discs will be an exact reproduction of the master content.
As I mentioned many times in the past, CD duplication, particularly audio CD, is still extremely strong in many territories, showing there’s still a need for a better and more reliable CD duplicator. Just because the overall optical disc market has decreased, it doesn’t mean the market has disappeared. In fact, the businesses that have stayed the course, are finding it’s worthwhile to continue investing in CD duplication hardware as they are picking up more clients that no longer find replication a viable option.
Of course these daisy chain towers can copy DVD as well, but the true advantage is the CD audio Copy and Compare functionality. If you’re looking to improve your reliability and confidence with your CD audio duplication jobs, contact Vinpower to learn more about our TrueAudio Duplicators.