Vinpower’s line of Optodisc CD-R is the ideal media for audio recording and playback

CD audio still holds a special place in the hearts of music enthusiast around the world for its unequalled clarity and sound quality. When you compare the sound from an original audio CD compared to a compressed .WAV file, the audio CD is far superior. In order to maximize the enjoyment from audio CD recordings, it’s critical to make sure to use high quality CD-R, like Vinpower’s line of OPTODISC CD-R media. Not only do the OPTODISC lines of CD-R offer superior recording and playback quality, but they also have a longer archival lifespan, when stored correctly, compared to lower grade cheap media.
OPTODISC manufactured media is readily available, as it is the default media used for brands such as Optical Quantum, PlexDisc, Piodata, and others. Not only are CD’s the most versatile format for content storage, in that it is commonly used to hold music, videos, photos, X-rays, documents, etc., but it’s also the most affordable storage format as well. There still is and will continue to be a large segment of the population that realize it’s important to own tangible products like CD’s that they can store and reliably play anytime they choose.
When you are looking for recordable media, especially CD-R, that will consistently and reliably burn without flaws and playback without errors, Vinpower’s OPTODISC line should be your preferred media.