Vinpower’s line of Optiarc, Plextor, and PioData optical disc drives work with Windows 10

Recently, our tech support has received a number of requests for help with older drives that aren’t working with Windows 10. I don’t know if this is a wide spread issue or not, but there have been enough emails that make me feel it’s more than a coincidence. Most of these drives are older models, but it doesn’t explain why they are not being recognized by Windows 10.
Fortunately, Vinpower offers a ranges of CD/DVD writer drives that works with all OS versions on the market, including Windows 10. So if you or a customer is having issues with the half height internal burner, then replace it with a new model from Vinpower and leave those troubles behind.
The Vinpower offerings include the following models:
  • Optiarc Drives:
  • AD-5290S
  • AD-5290S PLUS
  • AD-5290S ROBOT PLUS (for autoloaders)
  • Plextor Drives:
  • PX-891SAF
  • PX-891SAF PLUS
  • PX-891SAF ROBOT PLUS (for autoloaders)
  • PioData Drives:
  • DVR-S21DBK
All of these models are available through multiple online retails including Amazon.