When other companies restrict your ability to purchase from them because of a Minimum Purchase Amount, Vinpower welcomes all customers with open arms.

November 20, 2020
As a result of COVID or a convenient excuse, some suppliers are setting up stiff requirements if you want to purchase from them directly. Vinpower doesn’t want to restrict access just because you aren’t purchasing at certain levels. Instead, we believe in inclusivity and helping our customers grow to achieve greater sales in the long run. We remember being a startup that faced many obstacles in being able to purchase quality components and media direct from the source, forced to pay marked up prices through extended channels, sacrificing margin just to complete. Eventually, we were able to build up our market enough to have our own manufacturing lines.
We never forgot our humble beginnings and that’s why we support small resellers looking to compete in the larger market as well as remain committed to our long term customers that may fall on down times for a spell. Whatever the case, Vinpower is open and looks forward to working with those that may have been turned away from other suppliers because they can’t meet their MOQ’s. If you’re looking for top quality duplication hardware, media, or accessories, Vinpower is the partner you can rely on now and in the future.
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