Independent film has blossomed in the absence of Hollywood blockbusters, It’s your content, you should protect it!

After living through a year of quarantining and isolation due to COVID restrictions, thanks to new vaccines, the world is starting to open up. However, that prolonged time with little to do and few places to go, gave light to innovation. There’s only so many old shows you can binge watch on streaming services until people begin thirsting for new interesting content. Thankfully, there are lots of creative people with lots of time and ideas happy to fill the gap.
Today’s technology makes it so that everyone with a cell phone, a vision, and editing software can make their own movies these days. Picture for a moment that you created digital video content that you want to sell or control who you share with, what are your limitations? One issue could be that those that view your content, decide to make copies or upload online without your permission or consent. If you were hoping to sell that content, then you no longer have the opportunity because someone took that decision from you and made it available for free to anyone. If you had hoped to keep the content private, now it’s been released onto the web or passed from person to person for all to share and see without your ability to selectively decide who can view the content and who can’t. Protecting content is not just a problem for large enterprise or movie studios, it can be an everyone’s problem.
Vinpower has been developing hardware and software tools that enable companies and individuals to keep their content safe through our line of DVD and Blu-ray video copy protection capability. It shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg just to protect what’s rightfully yours. Don’t take any chances with your digital video content, add Vinpower’s copy protection and rest easier knowing that you don’t have to be a victim.