After a year of being isolated at home watching TV, we’re finally seeing an opportunity to get out and create your own content!

If you’re like me, after a year of sheltering at home, you’ve watched so many scripted TV shows and movies, that you feel like you truly are living in the Matrix! Now that we are seeing multiple COVID vaccines available and restrictions easing, I’m taking the opportunity to safely travel and do more activities outside the house with my family. Of course I want to capture these happy times as we have a whole new appreciation for life outside our bubbles. Afterwards, I will copy those videos and photos onto discs so that I can keep archival copies that can be passed on and enjoyed for years to come.
Optical discs are the best method to store your digital content, especially photos, videos, movies and music. Be it CD’s, DVD’s, or Blu-ray, optical discs are more reliable than flash, have a longer shelf life than a hard drive and easy for virtually anyone to play. In general, you simply insert the disc in the player and most often it starts automatically. No searching for files, accidentally deleting them, or negotiating whether you should delete other files to make room for whatever new item you want to store.
Make new happy memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. Vinpower can help provide you all the tools you need to burn discs quickly, reliably, and with a long archival life to ensure maximum enjoyment now and well into the future.