Feedback on the Pioneer BDR-212V drive has been unanimous, Best drives for DVD burning on the market!

Since we released the exclusive Pioneer BDR-212V drive in 2020, the feedback has been extremely positive. We’ve received so many appreciative reviews and compliments on how great the 212V is at burning DVD’s! They were impressed with the burn quality and lifespan of the 212V drive, making it their preferred choice to burn, not just Blu-ray media, but especially for DVD media. The concept may seem out of whack, given that it’s a Blu-ray drive, that is backwards compatible to burn DVD’s and CD’s. So why would someone pay more to burn DVD’s?
The reason being, is that the 212V drive is a much more robust drive that offers 2 to 3 times longer lifespan than comparable CD/DVD drives. Additionally, it has an enhanced firmware focused on providing greater support for DVD burning. In our research, those performing constant DVD burning/duplication had higher failure rates with standard CD/DVD drives after only a few months of operation in comparison to very little to no bad burns during the same period with the Pioneer 212V drive. Plus, we received complaints from customers about the heavy burn-in marks on the recording side of the disc from those using the CD/DVD drives, saying they looked unprofessional. The BDR-212V virtually eliminates both concerns through a multiprong advancement in both hardware and firmware through a collaboration with Pioneer. The 212V drive can be rebooted when seeing higher failure rates to return to peak performance and it virtually eliminates the uneven symmetrical burn-in marks on the disc’s recording side of single layer recordable DVD’s (often referred to as Donut Rings).
If you are tired of wasting money by constantly replacing your drives, tossing out failed DVD’s, or just not happy with the overall performance, we are supremely confident you will be thrilled with the Pioneer BDR-212V drive, offered exclusively through Vinpower or a Vinpower selling partner.