Vinpower released their new automatic 1 to 1 AutoDupe Duplicator

In these times, many customers prefer simplicity over multi-functional. For instance, there are a number of customers that simply want to be able to make a backup or minimal copies of their original CD or DVD content, and don’t want to go through the multiple steps to make those copies. They merely want to insert the discs and the duplicator takes over and knows what to do. For that reason, Vinpower developed the 1 to 1 Autodupe system that has no buttons or menus to choose from.
The AutoDupe model is a standalone SATA DVD/CD duplicator that doesn’t require the user to push any buttons to start the copy process. The user simply inserts the master disc they want to copy from into the top tray and the blank disc into the bottom tray. Once the disc trays close the AutoDupe system will start the duplication process automatically. It’s extremely easy to use and once the disc is successfully copied, the finished disc tray will eject and the user can remove it and insert a new disc to keep copying. The AutoDupe model is not only easy to use, but has a very low cost, offering truly reliable duplication an affordable price, with an easy to use interface.