Vinpower’s VDX-1 mini-autoloader, is the small, inexpensive, powerful autoloader that is a game changer…

Much like the tiny ant that can lift 5,000 times it’s body weight, the VDX-1 autoloader can do the job of multi-drive manual tower duplicators or even much bigger and more expensive autoloader duplicators. Weighing less than 12 lbs (just over 5kg), and slightly bigger than a standard shoebox, the VDX-1 can fit virtually anywhere. Plus, it’s completely standalone, so it’s easy to take on the go and as long as there’s an electrical outlet, the VDX-1 is ready to work. Just like the mighty worker ant, the VDX-1 gets the job done.
The VDX-1 comes with 1 drive and 50 disc capacity, but can work 24/7 like a champ. The VDX-1 is perfect to replace multi-drive manual tower duplicators by freeing up the operator to handle other tasks. Plus, it’s cheaper than many of the manual tower models as well, so it saves time and money. For more details on the VDX-1, click on the following link: