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Using Vinpower optical disc drives (ODD) and optical disc media will prevent the dreaded “Donut” rings on your duplicated media. 2018-09-28
A recent survey showed that approx. half of consumers still preferred to use physical media like DVD’s to buy or rent movies 2018-08-30
It’s cheaper and more efficient to store cold data on Optical Discs rather than in “The Cloud” 2018-08-24
Copy Protection isn’t just for the major studios, but for anyone that has content they don’t want others to copy and share. 2018-07-05
Vinpower’s new Pearl White DVD±R Media offers better compatibility and helps prevent “Donut Rings” on the burning side of the disc. 2018-06-08
Investors are betting that optical discs have a bright future after major disc manufacturers in Taiwan have record returns in May 2018-06-01
Is the CD going extinct like the cassette tape or will it have a resurgence like vinyl albums? 2018-05-11
Vinpower offers FREE 4K UHD & standard Blu-ray Copy protection using OPTODISC BD-R media 2018-04-13
Don’t take any chances, OptoDisc Blu-ray media is fully licensed by One Blue. 2017-11-09
Vinpower’s line of Pro Duplicator Optical Disc Drives (ODD) are readily available Globally! 2017-10-13
The most priceless possessions you own are your memories, the best way to protect them is on optical discs 2017-09-01
VP Recorder is a NEW copy protection software for your computer! 2017-07-20
OptoDiscs special thermal printable coating and enhanced packaging prevents thermal discs from sticking together so they don’t stop your production. 2017-04-28
Keep all of your content safe with Vinpower’s DVD and Blu-ray CopyLock copy protection for FREE! 2017-03-10
Optical discs have superior sound and video quality compared to streaming, when viewing 4K UHD content. 2017-01-06