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Digital Audio CD-R are better for recording Music/Audio compared to standard CD-R 2021-04-16
Even if you already ripped your audio CD’s to mp3 files, better to rip them again as .WAV or FLAC files for a true music experience 2021-04-12
After a year of being isolated at home watching TV, we’re finally seeing an opportunity to get out and create your own content! 2021-04-02
March 31st is World Backup Day, to make sure you have the right archival media and hardware, Vinpower has your solution. 2021-03-19
The future of digital storage, like Vinpower, remains focused on optical discs 2021-03-12
Independent film has blossomed in the absence of Hollywood blockbusters, It’s your content, you should protect it! 2021-03-05
Word is getting out about the benefits of Vinpower’s exclusive Pioneer BDR-212V Drive 2021-01-29
With Vinpower’s TrueAudio DVD CD Duplicator, be assured to get truly accurate CD audio duplication! 2020-12-17
Vinpower Digital announces the release of the exclusive Pioneer BDR-212V drive in cooperation with Pioneer Corporation 2020-12-14
When other companies restrict your ability to purchase from them because of a Minimum Purchase Amount, Vinpower welcomes all customers with open arms. 2020-11-20
Vinyl records sales in 2020 outgains CD music sales for first time since the 80’s, showing physical media is still profitable! 2020-09-25
Vinpower’s line of Optiarc, Plextor, and PioData optical disc drives work with Windows 10 2020-07-07
Vinpower’s line of Optodisc CD-R is the ideal media for audio recording and playback 2020-05-22
During turbulent times like these, the IT world is focused on security and archival storage/backup, Vinpower has a solution. 2020-04-10
In times of isolation, it’s easy to share content on optical discs to escape reality or bring everyone together. 2020-03-20
Vinpower Digital now offers its one of a kind TrueAudio CD audio copy and compare feature through its line of nearly unlimited Daisy Chain duplication hardware. 2020-03-17
Vinpower’s Liquid Defense Plus has been proven to work as well if not better than all other water resistant media at a fraction of the price! 2020-02-07
Vinpower Digital announces newly enhanced functionality for the BDR-212DBK drive in cooperation with Pioneer Corporation 2020-01-14
Archival discs are the best option for cold storage as digital content providers look for the most effective way to reduce volume on their server farms. 2019-11-22
The reliability of the drive parts is the difference between a long life and frequently paying for replacement drives! 2019-11-01